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Our FORO data and decision analysis solution increases efficiencies in deep data mining and improves decision-making during project planning and contracting.

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Our Company Turns Your Unstructured Data Into Meaningful Analysis for Better Decision Making

FORO is a facilitator in the improvement of organization, collaboration, and decision-making through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We are the pre-eminent developer of data and decision analysis solutions designed specifically to simplify data-crunching and improve the decision making process of state transportation agencies and MPOs during project planning and contracting.

Brett Boston, CEO of Foro

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The men and women of our nation’s departments of transportation have a vital and never-ending job of keeping our roadways open and safe. It is an honor for our team to work with these dedicated professionals and provide them with a solution that saves staff time, taxpayers money, and keeps the greatest road system on the planet moving.

Powerful Solutions

Our Solution

FORO DDA ® - a data and decision analysis solution – was developed for and with the participation of state transportation agencies and MPOs.

FORO DDA ® combines sophisticated data analyzing algorithms with artificial intelligence and machine learning to create the most powerful data analysis and decisions-improvement solution available today for the transportation sector.


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Our Approach

Step 1

We map your decision-making process and business rules

Step 2

We identify and integrate all of your project data

Step 3

FORO DDA ® processes your data and delivers decision options for your review

How We Help

FORO DDA ® Benefits

Simplify Complexities

Access ALL of your relevant structured AND unstructured project data

Eliminate data analysis drudgery for staff

Distill massive amounts of data into actionable insights

Significantly reduce project selection time

Gain Insights

Build “What ifs?” and multiple scenarios

Select projects that maximize investment impact

Easily facilitate Project & Contract Bundling

Improve Decisions

Faster answers to more complex questions

Focus on decisions not datatunneling

Human-centered decision making

Optimize Resources

Significantly reduce project selection time for internal savings

Develop smarter estimates & better contracts

Detect bid patterns

Sequence project contracting

Ensure Equity

Define and meet goals for:
Community Inclusion
Contract Equity
Transportation Resilience

Massive Impact

FORO DDA ® INDOT Savings Results

INDOT Savings
FORO DDA ® Savings
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The FORO bundling application was huge for INDOT. It was easy-to-use, making us more efficient, and produced bundles that we never could have imagined. You should really talk to these guys.”


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